Hackim18-What did he said ?

Description By his grace, we have been successfully organizing nullcon, year on year and this is the Nullcon9. At this juncture we cannot forget what did he had said, the one panacea given by him… In 2010 when we were all worried, how can we be successful with this first ever event…


Hackim18 – Web2

Description This is the second challenge in the web category of the hackim 2018 CTF. There is no description for this challenge besides what may be the challenge’s title: Hidden in Plain Sight


Hackim18 – Web1

Description The objective of this challenge is to find a way to get logged in as the user “administrator”.. This is the demo application for our new session management system based on military cryptography (namely CBC-MAC). You can log in as any user (except ‘administrator’) with the password ‘Password1’. We blocked access to ‘administrator’ account for security […]


Nullcom Hackim 2018 – Recap

Description The Hackim 2018 CTF took place on Fri. 09/02/2018, 23:00 until Sun. 11/02/2018, 11:00. Over 1800 people took part in the event but only the top 40 were eligible to win a free conference pass for the Nullcom Goa 2018.