EasyCTF IV – Recap


EasyCTF is one of the largest student-run high school cybersecurity events.
It took place on Fri. 10/02/2018 until Sun. 20/02/2018. 1790 teams competed in the event.

The Challenges

There were quite a few categories (Web, Linux, Crypto, Forensic, Misc, …) and a good amount of challenges. The challenges ranged from 10 to 400 points but sometimes challenges with fewer points where clearly less solved than those with more.
I’m pointing at the AES challenge worth 160 points, which was solved only 6 times compared with the last RSA (400 points) solved 10 times.
New challenges were added from time to time.

First few days

I started the competition as a solo player, rushing through the first challenges. I enjoyed solving all the challenges by myself but because I was alone, I couldn’t climb very fast and the challenges were becoming harder and more time-consuming.

After 3 days of intense solving, I got to the point where I wasn’t able to do much more on my own. I solved about 80% of the available challenges at that time and stood in the top 10 teams. 🙂

The end of loneliness

I was pleased to see that some friends of mine had formed a great team and also participated in the event. They knew I was competing alone so they kindly asked me if I would like to be part of their CTF team. I agreed and now I’m officially a member of Aperi’Kube ! 🙂

I abandoned my other account to participate under the name of my new team. It’s much more fun to be part of a group and share ideas.

I posted write-ups of the challenges I personally solved and found interesting on my blog. For other write-ups I invite you to check out our team’s website !
I will be posting write-ups over there too.


It’s together that we solved almost all of the challenges that were proposed. Only 5 resisted !

We finished at the 17th place ! 😀

Oh ! And my other account fell down to about the 50th place. 😛

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