Attacking RSA for fun and CTF points – part 1


RSA is my favorite cryptosystem. 🙂 It’s simple and powerful.

In this series I will try to go through every attacks (that I’m aware of) against RSA which are useful for solving CTF tasks.
I’m not going to give you scripts that will do all the work for you but rather explain how the attacks work. The aim of this series is to understand the attacks you use and which one is most appropriate depending on the task. I will try to be beginner friendly and repeat myself in the beginning but afterwards I will assume that the reader has learnt the concepts. Continue reading


EasyCTF IV – Not OTP


It seems we’ve intercepted 2 strings that were both encrypted with what looks like OTP! Is it possible to decrypt them?

c1 = 38445d4e5311544249005351535f005d5d0c575b5e4f481155504e495740145f4c505c5c0e196044454817564d4e12515a5f4f12465c4a45431245430050154b4d4d415c560c4f54144440415f595845494c125953575513454e11525e484550424941595b5a4b
c2 = 3343464b415550424b415551454b00405b4553135e5f00455f540c535750464954154a5852505a4b00455f5458004b5f430c575b58550c4e5444545e0056405d5f53101055404155145d5f0053565f59524c54574f46416c5854416e525e11506f485206554e51

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