Solving RE tasks the crypto way

In this post I want to share with you my way of solving reverse engineering (RE) tasks in CTFs involving simple cryptography without reading a single bit of assembly, purely by cryptanalysis.

Of course this can’t be applied on all RE tasks you’ll encounter that make use of cryptography, but sometimes it might save you a lot of pain trying to solve a difficult RE task, like I did here. You might also have to do it simply because you don’t have access to the cryptographic code (Black Box), like in one of the parts of the Black Badge challenge for Le Hack 2019, which will serve as an example throughout this post.

If you’re new in the field of cryptanalysis this might also be of interest to you to see the methodology you can apply. You might even learn something new. πŸ˜‰

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Attacking RSA for fun and CTF points – part 1


RSA is my favorite cryptosystem. πŸ™‚ It’s simple and powerful.

In this series I will try to go through every attacks (that I’m aware of) against RSA which are useful for solving CTF tasks.
I’m not going to give you scripts that will do all the work for you but rather explain how the attacks work. The aim of this series is to understand the attacks you use and which one is most appropriate depending on the task. I will try to be beginner friendly and repeat myself in the beginning but afterwards I will assume that the reader has learnt the concepts. Continue reading